Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Pine Campground Lassen Volcano NP

If you have to get a scrub I can think of worse places to air dry. A cold beer, a big juicy burger flaming on the grill, a pig ear appetizer and some of the prettiest scenery to take in.

Life's good my friend.

You Should See The Other Guy!

Wadda ya mean I needs a bath?

Lassen !!!!!! Volcano !!!! National Park

What do you get when you combine 113 degree temperatures...

Record snowfall...
and a... dogged... determination to retrieve a stick from a swollen creek?

Yep! You get the Big Zee braving the rapids
Now if I can only find it... It's under here somewhere....
That's it! BLAH!! Water up the snout!
Screw that stick.

Friday, June 6, 2008

salon Île d'oie

Lovely setting by the Colorado River. But my stylist got a little too...

Gulp... Personal. My tip reflected his rather aggressive search for burrs and tangles.

What indignities I endure to maintain my good looks! Harumph!!!


Someone slipped me a mickey.