Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's Go GATORS!

The air is crisp again once more. You know what THAT means? No not beef goulash.

OK, yes, technically, it is time for beef goulash, but more importantly - and I cannot believe I just typed that - it is time for another season of Gator football dominance!

Lest you freaks have forgotten (lay off the hard stuff why doncha!) here is a picture of me and my Pal celebrating last year when the gators savagely mauled the Oklahoma Sooners and became the BCS National Champs!

I am the one not in the ugly hat and tacky scarf.

That is Tim Tebow on the screen behind us. M is so happy....

Anyway, We are starting another season. No Percy this year - but I have him on a fantasy team and - so far so good. Florida plays... er... spanks Tennessee this weekend. We will be watching and cheering and hopefully eating chicken wings and drinking beer. I may even get to sit on the ************ Gators over Tenn: 23-13 **********

The Glory That Is MEEEE!

I am so cute and sweet

That even when I roll all around in the sand after just being washed and just before being tossed into the Casita ALONE while they go 4 wheeling...
She STILL adores me and sneaks me cheese and chicken skin!

I can do NO wrong.