Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ode to Snow

 What is not to LOVE about snow?  

Oh.. untrodden snow in the hood.  The lure!

 You can make snow angels

And devils

 But mostly it is fun to run in it, slip around in it, slid over it and eat it!

Speaking of...  enjoy.

Click right  HERE!!!!!    My Kin Enjoying SNOW

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dose of Adorable

My Typist is feeling a bit nostalgic today. She was cleaning out my files (no, that is not code for something else!) when she came upon some cute photos of me (of course) and the neighbor (freaking jackass) when she was but a mere jackassette.

Enjoy them my biped friends.

Could you figure out which one was Evie? We furries all look alike when we are babies... all big ears and snuggliness!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Have a Secret Fetish

Is it just me or is the word fetish like the BEST word to describe fetish? It sounds... kink.

OK that out of the way...

Y'all know that I have all sorts of
~ shall we say ~ eccentricities.

I like to indulge in occasional stranger in the park poop feed. I like toooo... rub my butt along the carpet and hump the neighbor dog like a complete whore even though nothing will ever come of it.


What? That is not me? That is Bruiser, half lab half chihuahua puta?
Poo-tah... OK that is funny. See how that joins those two fetish sentences?
POO-TAH. Did you see that? Joined?


Where was I? Oh yeah - OK I do not drag ass or hump. That is in fact, that half-breed chihuahua Bruisy. But I do like to eat other dog's poop. I
am SO that nasty girl. Fetishy little dirty girl....

Zoe cannot indulge in a little smut talk? No? Fine.

Oh yes. The secret fetish. Hardeehar! HAR!!! HARRRR MAYTEE! Shiver me TIMBERS! Wait... does that work? Timber shivering? No?


OK so when I am alone, lying in bed... and the (ahem) feeling comes over me. And I KNOW that they are a mere step away, waiting to climb in my mouth... puffy... white... and... just a bit gooey. (Squeel!) I tippity toe over to the waste can and grab me a

Fully. Loaded. Kleenex!

Again with the potty minds Dear Reader?


We kinks will get along juuuuust fiiiiine! Glad you are finally falling in line.


Gene Simmons:


Jeanie Simmons:

Need I say I am popular with the gents? Yeah. Thought not.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Much Ado About... MURDER!

The snow has cleared and here I am on a fine Spring day contemplating last Spring's evils that befell me at the hands of the villainess!

The constant taunting:

The waterboarding:

The... BEATINGS!!!!!:


When I gots me a bright idea. A plot so perfect I could stump Agatha herself! Bwaha HA!

Who would be able to solve "coquettish golden, in the drawing room (OK - the home office) with... an icicle!
The deed will be done! One plunge thusly and the ruddy strumpet will be bound to world immortal!*

*reminder to self - toss the Kenneth Branaugh DVD's.