Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet Stella

My Frienemy!

She is a mutt.

She does not even know who her father is. OK My dad is also my uncle, but…

She does not play nice.

She is bitey and growly.

Harsh you say? Look where she is laying! MY spot on the rug.

I AM NOT jealous!

Shut your pie hole!


MMM Pie....


Oh look at her getting all the pets. Pet hog. You are a guest in this house madame! Get thee to the basement!

What? Why are you two taking that snarky bitch with you on a walk?

I think I saw more chicken in her dinner bowl tonight.

I think I saw Patty sneaking her a cracker! I want one…

I am gonna bite her when the humans leave the room.

When did you say she was leaving? What? Two more days with that toy stealer? Why this is beyond the pale. Wait… where is the pale again?

I am bored. Pet meeeeeee!

Stella, feel free to pee on the rug and gnaw on the kitchen cabinets. They will give you a treat if you do.

Wanna play?

Screw you old lady!

I will find someone else to play with!


Aunt Stacy said...

Wow! Wait did I say Wow? Zoe you are my kind of girl. I hate it when guests steal my toys too!

Anonymous said...
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