Friday, October 10, 2008

Bring Your Fan to Work Day!!!

Here is where it all happens. Yes, it is a bit chaotic, but hey, anyone can function in an organized environment. It takes real skill to bring home the bacon (mmmm.... bacon) in this hovel.

So first thing I do when I come to the office (besides suck down a cuppa then visit the ladies) is I check the sitch with my investments. So, log on, get to my yahoo front page, click on my portfolio...

Oh holy shit hit the fan! ACK! I cannot bear to look at the devastation! The agony!

What? Who is the Chicken Little you speak of? My name is Zoe! Huh? What? I most certainly am not an alarmist!

_________ Kisses Hugs__________Hugs Kisses___________

A bit of Zoe wisdom:
In times of trouble and turmoil, stick to what you know and what makes sense!

Sell CAT


'nuf said. Now go home. Arf!

1 comment:

Grannanan said...

How do you come up with this stuff you guys?

I laugh my socks off.