Friday, October 10, 2008


NO! I do not do tricks! I am not a dog! Did you not read the title of my blog? Jeesh!
No, I will not roll over!
Shake What?
You play dead! ..... nervy so-and-so....

What have you there? A treat??

Did I mention that you are looking lovely in those grannie panties and your tie-dyed Grateful Dead Tee?
I was remiss! You are a vision.

Did you have something in that hand you wanted to share?


Huh? What? What do you think you are doing? Treats go IN the mouth not ON the nose.

What do you mean don't eat it Zoe?
What sort of torture game you playin' you crazy long haired freak!?!

OK What?
Do the trick?

I have no shame... I am a treat Langolier!

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