Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mystery Dog From Labrador

So, lately I have been complaining about my miserable love life. Just because I got the fix doesn't mean I am not up for some afternoon delight folks. Jeesh! So I jotted out a short plea and dashed to some friends. I included a brief "likes/dislikes" list ala Hef and got this back.

I am not sure WHY someone was trying to pawn this kook off on me. I am a thrill seeking water dog. This one? It seems his only obsession is keeping his fur perfectly dry and coifed! I can only conclude that this mutt is from the loins of one Jimmy Johnson of Hurricane and Cowboy fame.

God. Me can'ts stand a prima donna. Or is that primo donna? Oh well, it doesn't matter. Look who I am talking about. Poor stoneless creature. Another reason to think he is Jimmy's... Sigh.

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