Friday, January 14, 2011

Grilling Nightmares - With Zoebert

You know what?  He is gonna ruin my burger.  All that smoke and dust.  One too many scotches my friend.  Hey.  Come to think of it - Where the hell is my scotch?

Yeah.  Blow on it.  Get a dust buster.  Are you spitting?  I like mine rare.  This guy never listens!

This guy... you'd think he'd know how to handle the meat. (snicker - and not the peanut and nougat variety either) I could do a thousand trillion zillion times better.
I'm hungry


Hmmm... that IS pretty lalishus smelling.  What?  You meant for it to smoke?  BRILLIANT!  Slap it on a bun and do not forget the pickle this time.  My fixations will NOT be denied!  WHAT?  It is for S-Bert?

Another night of denial.

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