Friday, January 14, 2011

ZOE! Dog Versus Nature!

Welcome to my domain.    

Beautiful no?  And WILD.  Perfect for me, ZOE!, Star of the fabulously popular reality show "Dog Versus Nature"!

 This is the part where I introduce you to today's WILD adventure!

I will be showing you city folk how the real woodsman roughs it in the wild.  No fancy showers or trotting off to the germ infested gym for a solid daily workout.  No, I, ZOE! Dog Versus Nature, will show you, the home viewer, how to bathe and exercise all at once, all naturey and in record time so we have the rest of the day to chase sticks and lay out in the sun... in NATURE!

Yeah, I toned down the green.  Way too flashy for the down low ZOE! Dog Versus Nature.

 So here we are in the... hey this water is frigid!  And what are these things below the water?  Where are my anti skids?  These things are slippery!  I think something just bit me!  And the water is all rushy!


 Is that white stuff milk?  Cuz I AM thirsty from all this exercise.  I think I will just head on over there.

 Phew.  A pile of sticks!  It is a dream come true.  
Jeesh! I wish the water was not so pully!

HELP!  Being       S  U  C  K  E  D       into the stick vortex!  Cannot escape.  Need  MORE power SCOTTY!

Nature:  Not all it's cracked up to be.

; )

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