Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Trip Angst

So today S told me that we are going away for Christmas. You know me... I worry. How will Santa know that I am not at home? S tells me it is far. How far? Because I barf on road trips! Will there be pigs ears? I am often good and pigs ears are my reward. What if if they do not have them? Do they have have ice cubes? I love them and I doubt any house has them besides mine. Oh worry and bother... I wonder if they have sheep. I might be able to forgo pigs ears if I can get a nip on some sweet sheep.

I wonder if they will love me as much as S sez they will...

I hope they do does not internet because S sometimes chooses that over petting me and it pisses me off. I might have to go eat one of her bras as revenge for that negligence.

I wonder if Santa will actually give me a lump of coal for that...

Maybe I will just go chase my tail to be on the safe side.

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