Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I AM The Favorite!!!!!!!

Hi, Happy Thanksgiving!

Here I am with my pal M. OK I have a secret crush on him. Don't tell him kay? I am a pretty low key kind of gal. But really, don't we look cute? All smiles and such. These are pictures the other girl in his life took of us at Salt Creek, Washington. Notice who got to sit next to him. I am the clear favorite!

So we spent this glorious day romping around on the beach, scampering around the tidal pools and running from waves. Then we had a lovely picnic on the cliff above the beach among the tall trees. Notice pic 2 shows me trying to dine on M arm. Ooh la la... me gots to have my M meat! He was pretty pissed until I gave him a kiss (pic3) and promised him my share of the wine.

I heard mention of prime rib for Thanksgiving. I hope they throw me a bone.

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Anonymous said...

I guess we need to get you an aunt for Christmas. You are just too cute. I bet your a lot sweeter than the "other girl" in his life. Play it cool Zoe..she controls the piggy ears. Love you