Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zig - My Uncle

This is Ziggy.
He is my crazy uncle. You know the one nobody talks about.
OK that is a lie.
He only LOOKS crazy. Its the crazy poodle haircut Nana gives him that makes him look... off. She claims she does it because he picks up strays and "hitch hikers" ( prostitutes) and brings them home. Apparently it was his fluffy "hair" that attracted them. I say it was the bottle of Jack Daniels, a paw full of roofies and unabashed male wares leg lifting that are the draw. At least that is what it was for me. Garrrrufff!

Ziggies Likes: Mixing it up with the ladies, a good vindaloo, vodka on the rocks with a spritz of keylime
Ziggie's Dislikes: Pre 9 am wakeup calls, menthol cigarettes, too much parfume on his ladies, ticks (all kinds)

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