Thursday, November 29, 2007



I don't feel very well. In fact I think I have a bug. I am not so bad off that I am not eating (then we would be talking serious trip to the hospital), but I have been moping around the house all day all lethargic and flashing everyone in the room my famous pathetic look. I have not even felt like ripping apart that blasted handpuppet or flipping my paw off at Sonnyboy the anal schnauzer. High strung freak.

So M and S got the bright idea of getting me out of the house by slinging me into the back of the car for a ride. Um, what would make them think I would be up for that? M got all pissy when I refused to jump in the back. That upset me. S tried to make it better with nutter butters. A commendable effort, and not completely unappreciated. They decided to go have a look at the snow that had fallen the night before just up the hill. Anyway we headed home - the long way because M was bound and determined to get me to barf OR because S was not appreciating my natural doggie smell... either way, S hears me gagging (she always does), M told her he did not hear anything and that I was fine and just standing because I knew I was almost home.

I barfed.

And then when they finally let me out I barfed again.

M cleaned it up even though I would have happily eaten it. I think I saw the pigs ear in there. Bummer. It smelled like peanut butter... irresistable! At least I got some S cuddles out of the deal.

I returned to moping.

I am pretty sure I am going to get something extra special delicioso tonight at dinner. I saw meatloaf in the fridge. S is SURE to sneak some into my dish. She loves me... Or pitties me... either way I am the winner so who cares.

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